39, Chavchavadze Ave.
Tbilisi 0162, Georgia
Tel / Fax: +995 32 22-07-92

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Joint Stock Company HYDROENERGOMONTAJI (HEM), one of the biggest construction-installation organization in Georgia was founded in 1950. We provide premier technical, management, and directly related services to develop, manage, engineer, build, and operate installations for customers at Caucasus .We bring expertise to the specific markets and serve while applying core competencies and skills to all our work.

The markets we serve are:

• Civil Infrastructure
• Construction & Installation
• Investigations, research and expertise Our core competencies are:
• Construction
• Engineering
• Procurement
• Project management
• Safety & Environmental
• Technology

HEM is a leader in region in developing, managing, and constructing civil infrastructure. From rail, and highway systems to regional development programs, from office buildings to theme parks and resorts, we build the infrastructure necessary to improve quality of life and sustain economic growth.
The company has developed some of the best processes and technologies in the industry, assuring quality results while meeting tight schedules on the most challenging projects. In addition, we are experienced in helping to form public-private partnerships that bring together the resources of government and the private sector for new projects.

HEM has erected and installed:

• 2520 kilometers of power distribution lines from 6 to 500kv
• 6 to 10kv power transformers on 460 sites
• 35kv substations on 50 sites
• 35kv substations on 70 sites

HEM is providing high level quality research, investigation and expertise support, with progress and final reporting. Adjustment International Standards to Georgian Standards. Our services in these fields include: site investigations for geological conditions, drilling/coring, soil and rock mass evaluation, earthquake expertise and structural design reporting.

Laboratory tests on soils, aggregates, cement, concrete and etc.